How to publish

  1. The Journal of Coptic Studies is edited by Dr. Anne Boud’hors, IRHT, section Grecque, 52 rue du Cardinal Lemoine, F–75005 Paris, France. E-mail:
  2. Manuscripts should be written in correct English, French or German. Typescripts should be typed with 1.5 interspace and with 3 cm margins to the left and right respectively. Do not divide words at the ends of lines, and do not justify the right margin. The author’s name, complete mailing and e-mail address, and telephone number must accompany the article.
  3. Typescripts should always be accompanied by a CD or DVD. Any current wordprocessing programme will be allowed. Typescripts sent by e-mail will be accepted, as far as all used fonts are available. Typescripts sent by fax cannot be accepted.
  4. Latin abbreviations such as cf., e.g., et al., i.e., s.v., etc. will be printed in roman type (not in italics). Please do not mark your manuscript in any other way.
  5. Please do not use loc. cit., op. cit., ibid., idem, a.a.O, and so on. Give precise page (or paragraph) references; do not use f., ff., seq., and so on. For referring to books and articles, use the author’s last name and an abbreviation of the title (e.g., book: Quecke, Johannesevangelium 45 n. 5; part of book: Attridge and MacRae, “Gospel of Truth” 2:39–42; article: Vergote, “Dialectes” 239–240). For all books and articles referred to, give the full bibliographical information in a bibliography at the end of your article, according to the following examples (words and abbreviations that are not part of a title, such as and, in, edited by, vol., place names, and so on, should be expressed in the language in which you write your article): Quecke, Hans. Das Johannesevangelium saïdisch. Text der Handschrift PPalau Rib. Inv.-Nr. 183 mit den Varianten der Handschriften 813 und 814 der Chester Beatty Library und der Handschrift M 569. PapyCast 11. Rome/Barcelona 1984. Attridge, Harold W., and MacRae, George. “The Gospel of Truth.” In: Nag Hammadi Codex I (The Jung Codex), edited by Harold W. Attridge, 1:55- 122, 2:39–135. 2 vols. NHS 22, 23. Leiden 1985. Vergote, Joseph. “Les dialectes dans le domaine égyptien.” CE 36 (1961), 237–249. The author-date system of reference is also acceptable.
  6. Abbreviations of papyrological publications must follow the usage of John F. Oates et al., Checklist of Editions of Greek, Latin, Demotic and Coptic Papyri, Ostraca and Tablets, which can be consulted on the internet at
  7. For referring to the dialects of Coptic, JCoptS recommends the sigla described by Rodolphe Kasser, “A Standard System of Sigla for Referring to the Dialects of Coptic,” JCoptS 1 (1990), 141–151.