Coptic Christianity Conference at Fordham University

We received the following announcement via email from George Demacopoulos:

The Orthodox Christian Studies Center at Fordham University invites proposals for a two-day, in-person scholarly conference on a theme related to Coptic Christianity. The Orthodox Christian Studies Center will cover travel, accommodations, and meeting expenses for two conference organizers and up to twelve conference speakers. We are looking for proposals that focus on innovative topics, make a clear contribution to scholarship, and have the potential to bring to Fordham University both established and earlier-career scholars.

The proposed event must take place onsite at Fordham University at a date mutually agreed upon, ideally in the Summer or Fall of 2025.

Maximum Provision for Event: The Orthodox Christian Studies Center will provide economy roundtrip travel for up to 12 speakers (for a total of 12 presentations) and 2 organizers. No more than half of the funded travel can be international. Accommodations may be offered to US-based speakers for up to three nights (international speakers can arrange for four nights). The Center will provide for a speaker’s dinner the evening preceding the symposium, and a reception for all attendees.

The expectation is that the Symposium will result in a scholarly publication and preference will be given to proposals that include a plan for an edited volume.  The presumption is that the organizer(s) will serve as the editor(s) for the volume, whether they deliver papers themselves or not.  To that end, the Center will provide a $1000 honorarium to each speaker who provides a peer-review ready manuscript to the organizer(s).  For their part, the organizers will each receive a $3000 stipend when the manuscript has been accepted for publication (if the organizers are among the twelve presenters, they can receive $4000 in total).  If necessary, the Center will provide a publication subvention for an appropriate academic press.

Eligibility: The Orthodox Christian Studies Center encourages proposals by scholars, who are affiliated with a university or research institution and hold a PhD or other appropriate terminal degree. Proposals from both United States citizens and non-US citizens are welcome.

Proposals: Should include a conference rational of approximately 800 words and a list of 12 potential speakers along with some indication of what those particular speakers would be qualified to contribute.  The list of speakers need not be final at the time of submission and it is likely that the selection committee will make suggestions regarding the list speakers if the proposal is accepted or if some speakers are unable to participate.

All Proposals are due by February 15th, 2024.  Our expectation is that we will be able to announce the winning proposal by March 15th, 2024.

Selection criteria: The Orthodox Christian Studies Center will evaluate proposals based on the coherence and appeal of the proposed topic to both Coptic Christian Studies and to Orthodox Christian Studies more broadly.  The selection committee might prioritize those topics that successfully bridge ancient and modern Coptic Studies.

Please send proposals to George Demacopoulos ( with “Coptic Conference Proposal” in the subject line.