Call for Prize-Competition Submissions for the “Alexander-Böhlig-Preis 2025”

Abbreviated English version of the announcement:

The Gertrud and Alexander Böhlig Foundation supports scientific research in the languages and cultures of the Christian Orient. Therefore, the Foundation announces the “Alexander-Böhlig-Preis 2025” (for 7,500 euros). A prize is awarded every two years for outstanding doctoral dissertations and “Habilitationschriften” from the field of Christian Orient and the history of Christianity in the Eastern Roman Empire. Written work similar to a “Habilitationsschrift” will also be considered (for example, a second book after the doctoral dissertation).

Applications in five copies are to be submitted by April 26, 2024 (for the address to use for submitting, see the attached PDF file). In addition to the written work itself, please submit also a curriculum vitae and a list of publications. Only one application with one and the same work is possible, regardless whether in published or unpublished form. A submitted work may not be more than two years old (relative to the submission deadline, so in the present competition not older than April 26, 2022). A submitted work may be written in English, French, German, or Italian.

The winner of the prize is decided by the members of the foundation’s board (see the attached PDF file; the board’s decision is final). An announcement of the decision will be made at the beginning of 2025. The award itself will be made on the occasion of the annual Hans Lietzmann Lecture at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Berlin at the end of 2025. See the attached PDF file for all further information.